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“You are master of your own! Choose your battles and fights wisely!”

You have left your comfy, and high paying jobs. Plunged in to a world of uncertainties. For what? To maintain accounts? To do compliances?  Should these be the battles to fight? We cannot fight the white walkers, but we can surely fight these for you!  with our three most deadly weapons responsibility, accuracy and transparency.


“What battles can we fight?”


Setting up of an organisation could be tricky and complicated process. It is much more than just registration/formation of new company. SetMyCompany helps you make right choice between different types of organisation and supports you throughout all stages of setting it up.


Our experienced team’s technical knowledge encompasses both national and global law, which helps us offer you comprehensive accounting and tax planning services. We help you face new and complex events. Our extensive data validation checks ensure factual as well as legal precision.


We help you understand India’s biggest tax reform, and reap maximum benefits out of it. We assist you not only in understanding and implementation of GST, but also provide comprehensive assistance in various periodical filings and compliances.


India is tricky country when it comes to labour laws, numerous compliances can be burdensome. We help you concentrate on your business by managing complete employee services throughout their life cycle i.e from joining to exit.


We help you make right decision or give you a valuable insight, by comprehensive appraisal and in-depth investigation of businesses undertaken. We help you make an informed decision.


We help you throughout the funding process and assist you understand the term sheet, shareholders / subscription/ purchase agreement and various compliances involved and guide you on best industry practices. Gain from our experience.


Every business entity needs to track financials on a periodic basis, to understand if the decisions made are yielding the desired result. Bookkeeping and accounting services in Bangalore are an indispensable part of every business as they help in assessing the financial health of the organization.


You can raise the capital for your business by inviting investors, either from India or abroad. However, there are many regulations and compliance factors involved in getting an investment.


A company is one that is capable of functioning as a separate legal entity and owns property in its own name with no possession right of the shareholders. The daily functions are governed by the Director of the company who is generally elected by the members.

Fall in love again with what you love to do. We’ve got your back!

Let us manage your :


You have just finished scribbling the idea.
You have got the entity setup and ready rock the world now! (angel)
Business is doing well, you have got calls from VCs! Time to rock n roll! (Seed)
Money is sufficient, completed Series A, B…..Z.
You have got an offer you can’t resist! Or want to spent your life watching your children grow
You are an overseas Company, wanting to set up base in India (market with Billion people)
You are still not sure what services you might need!
You have just finished scribbling the idea.

We can help you with :

  • Choosing the right type of entity (LLP / Pvt Ltd / Public Limited) and setting It up
  • Virtual office setup, so you never miss an important document.
  • Founder’s agreement
  • Designing the investor’s pitch
  • Setting up policies, organization framework
  • Filing of trademarks, patent etc
  • Basic accounting / payroll management

That’s not all of it, want to know more?

You have got the entity setup and ready rock the world now! (angel)

Once the above essentials have set up, we can help you with :

  • Setting up accounting systems
  • Payroll management
  • Tax management, secretarial records.
  • Cloud based accounting / paperless.
  • Periodic regulatory filings

Well, we just got started, but long website don’t look good!

Business is doing well, you have got calls from VCs! Time to rock n roll! (Seed)

We would love to rock n roll too! We can help you with :

  • We can review the pitch deck, help you make one.
  • Create budgets, forecasts make understand the investors how the money would be utilized.
  • Oh! Your earlier accountant has not maintained the books clean? Or wait, you never had one earlier! Don’t worry we can help you rewrite the history.
  • Support in due diligence, financials, board reports etc.
  • Allocate shares, manage cap tables etc.
  • Well, do the fun year end stuff – the regulatory filings m/.

I think, I have something else to be done before I rock and roll.

Money is sufficient, completed Series A, B…..Z.

Glad, you’ve reached this level! You just need to concentrate on growth and let us :

  • Keep an eye on KPIs and track the record.
  • Record ongoing day-to-day transactions, reconciling bank and credit card accounts…a continuous battle that someone has to fight!
  • Vendor management and accounts payable
  • Invoice raising and accounts receivable.
  • End to end payroll management, help your employees with taxation.
  • Prepare financial statement, file your income tax. Great! That relieves me a lot. Can do you more?


You have got an offer you can’t resist! Or want to spent your life watching your children grow

You have worked hard indeed! Let us ensure a smooth exit:

  • Make you due diligence ready
  • Merger / Acquisition / Closure of the entity.
  • Calculate founder earnings / employee exits.

Please help me! In fact, please handle it entirely for me.

You are an overseas Company, wanting to set up base in India (market with Billion people)

A very good decision! India is a market not to miss out! We can

  • Help you with resident director services.
  • Setup virtual office to manage the paper work.
  • Bank account opening
  • Payroll management, employee taxes, etc.
  • Insta Company solution.
  • Manage all the documentation, tax filings, GST filings, TDS filings etc

Wow! Looks like you would help us unravel India!

You are still not sure what services you might need!

Don’t worry we are click away. To walk you through.


Businesses Managed


Employees Managed


Tax Filings Done


$10 M
Investment raised in Equity and Debt by our clients.


Sanjay Kumar Meena

I was having trouble figuring out how the transfer pricing will work for my Indian subsidiary. Jai was patient enough to walk me through in entirety and guide me through my journey. Keep it up!

Sanjay Kumar Meena

Adzmedia Private Limited


One of the very few firms that give you a 360-degree view on funding and compliances thereon. Definitely requires hands-on experience with the startup to be that insightful. Associated for over 5 years now. I wish to SetMyCompany all the best


Emptycup Private Limited

Kamalakanta Palei

Associated with Jai and SetMyCompany over 6 years now, thoroughly happy with the support and guidance throughout. I will definitely recommend them, keep up the Fab work.

Kamalakanta Palei

Net Cloud Systems Private Limited / Load Multiplier Private Limited

hirshendu Shekhar Das

At the moment of registering your startup, you need someone more than just a consultant and Jai is just that. Understands the start-up environment too well.

hirshendu Shekhar Das

Eservecloud Solutions Private Limited


I have been associated with SetMyCompany right from company incorporation to accounting, tax, and payroll process from 2017. We never thought managing 200+ employees would be so easy. I place it on record the committed service by the SMC team. I have been recommending SMC to my known source for the fabulous execution.


Camsdata Technologies Private Limited

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