Startup Legal Docs


Setup Services

Indian markets can be tricky and entering in wrong way could be devastating. We not only help you choose right type of organisation, but we also help you set up various processes, right at the beginning.

Accounts & Book Keeping

Our experienced team’s technical knowledge encompasses both national and global law, which helps us offer you comprehensive accounting and tax planning services. We help you face new and complex events.

GST Services

We help you understand India’s biggest tax reform, and reap maximum benefits out of it. We assist you not only in understanding and implementation of GST, but also provide comprehensive assistance in various periodical filings and compliances.

Payroll Services

India is tricky country when it comes to labour laws, numerous compliances can be burdensome. We help you concentrate on your business by managing complete employee services throughout their life cycle i.e from joining to exit. With our payroll services, never miss any payment schedule nor any compliance.

Due Diligence

We help you make right decision or give you a valuable insight, by comprehensive appraisal and in-depth investigation of businesses undertaken. We help you make an informed decision.

Funding Compliances

We help you throughout the funding process and assist you understand the term sheet, shareholders / subscription/ purchase agreement and various compliances involved and guide you on best industry practices. Gain from our experience.

Growth Strategy

As you look for various avenues to expand your business, we help you devise a growth/expansion strategy.

Supporting Enterprises

Entering the new market, could be difficult and challenging. Now with our supporting enterprises services, setup a virtual company in India almost instantly just from anywhere, start hiring people and let us handle all the compliances.