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What is Due diligence?

Due diligence is critical for any business. All the financial and legal transactions should go through a comprehensive due diligence process to maximize value. Due diligence process is generally done before an acquisition, investment or business partnership to determine whether there are any potential risks.

The main focus of due diligence is an extensive assessment of the company’s situation. It includes:

  • Identifying the potential risk associated with future investment
  • Analysis of the business structure, market, supplier and customers
  • Assessment of the company’s strategy
  • Assessment of target company’s financial statements, metrics and projections of its future performance
  • Understanding the strategic fit between the company and the buyer

The objective of financial due diligence in India is to verify the factual accuracy of the seller’s claims. Due diligence is a comprehensive process where the acquiring firm completely assesses the target company’s assets, business, financial performance and capabilities. Take advantage of SetMyCompany’s due diligence services in India to assess your company’s capabilities with ease!

Various Types of Due Diligence

Many foreign companies are looking for mergers and acquisitions in India. It is important to do a background check before you take up that business deal legally. Vendor due diligence helps the business owner to properly assess the status of their businesses before approaching investors. There are different types of due diligence and they are as follows:


Financial and accounting


Real Estate




Information Technology



Due Diligence Process

Whether you are acquiring a new company or selling a unit, the scope of due diligence depends on the company’s size and its structure. At SetMyCompany, one of the reputed due diligence service providers offers due diligence services by providing in-depth research and analysis of the company in terms of legal and financial status. The following is the step by step process of due diligence process:


Understanding the key objectives of the project

The company needs to adhere to a number of regulations as they keep increasing. We evaluate the goals of the project so that the company gains an understanding of the compliance they need to match.


Analysis of business financials and documents

This step helps us to assess the company’s overall financial performance and stability. We do a thorough inspection of legal and financial documents to make the transactions easy for the buyers. The buyer examines the information gathered to ensure legal and environmental compliances.


Proper screening of final offering

With the information collected, the analysts perform valuation techniques and methods. It determines whether there is any potential risk involved.


Risk Management

The assessment included financial risks due to intenal factors, After the risk assessment is prepared. we validate all financial assumptions that are associalted with the transaction with the target company.

List of Documents Required During Company Due Diligence

The below documents are needed for performing due diligence.

Financial Statemen
Income Tax Returns
Tax Payment Receipts
Intellectual Property Registration
Utility Bills
Employee Records
Operational Records
Statutory Registers
Property Documents
Bank Statements
Tax Registration Certificates
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
Certificate of Incorporation
Shareholding of Incorporation

How can SetMyCompany help you?

When buying a business or entering into a partnership, we implement the due diligence process to look at the records, assets and operations of business before acquiring a business. The information after we analyze will determine the financial and legal status of the target business or partner. Therefore, the buyer can also identify any legal risks affecting the rights of the target (For example, ownership of property, employment disputes, client contracts and intellectual property). Thus, the investors should conduct due diligence through experienced due diligence service providers in India over financial claims made by the seller.

When a business is looking for a merger or acquisition with other companies, proper due diligence is key. SetMyCompany, a trusted due diligence service provider will help you with the due diligence process to avoid any potential risks in the future. We conduct due diligence in the transactions that include mergers, acquisitions, business transfers, investment in shares or debt, etc.

Why SetMyCompany for Due Diligence?

We are a team with comprehensive knowledge of local and global laws. In SetMyCompany, the due diligence services are provided by experienced specialists. We ensure a reliable and multifaceted approach to due diligence assessment in the company. We provide legal and financial due diligence services including assets, evaluation of finance or accounting policies and an assessment of financial projections. Contact us for the unmatched quality due diligence services to make that right decision.


Due diligence is an extensive process generally done before an acquisition, investment or business partnership to determine whether there are any potential risks.

Due diligence helps investors and companies understand the risks involved, the status of the deal and whether the deal fits with their portfolio. Due diligence is important because of the following reasons:

  • To identify the potential risks involved in a deal
  • To gain information to evaluate the deal
  • To identify business opportunity if there is any and whether it complies with the investment criteria

The steps that are involved in conducting due diligence are as follows:

  • Understanding the key objectives of the project
  • Analysis of business financials and documents
  • Proper screening of final offering
  • Risk Management

If you don’t conduct due diligence, you might purchase a business or product that isn’t a good financial investment. You might make a purchasing mistake and end up on faulty or incomplete information.

  • Reviewing and auditing financial statements
  • Analyzing the consumer market
  • Inspecting projections for future performance

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As an entrepreneur, it is important to consider key factors while choosing the entity type. More than 90% of the companies incorporated in India follow the Private limited company business structure.


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We help you make right decision or give you a valuable insight, by comprehensive appraisal and in-depth investigation of businesses undertaken. We help you make an informed decision.

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