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Payroll Outsourcing Services

As the saying goes, people management is perhaps the most important skill that every entrepreneur must master. While we cannot help you choose the right person for your organisation, what we can help you with is: relieve you of the labour/people related compliance. Vast number of local and central labour laws could be tricky and can attract irk of regulator and employee. The problem only grows with increase in manpower. SetMyCompany aims to break through the routines and help you keep the employees happy. We not only ensure that all the regulatory compliances are met, but also ensure that individual queries of your employees are answered.


Well, this is one service for which we don’t think we need to answer what does outsourcing of payroll processing mean to you. To keep it simple it only means:
Happy you
Happy employee
Happy regulator


We have extensive experience of handling organisation right from 5+ to 200+ employees.
We provide each employee with self service portal, through which they can track their payslips, deductions, taxation, reimbursements etc. They can also raise tickets and obtain answers to queries.
We ensure that no ocean of laws can haunt you for non-compliance. We save you from irk of regulator and employee.

We are working on building a better tomorrow,
and loving every bit of it!

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