Startup Legal Docs


Indian markets can be tricky and entering in wrong way could be devastating. We not only help you choose right type of organisation, but we also help you set up various processes, right at the beginning.


80% of Companies fail in India only due to poor organisation set up, setting up the organisation with just right number of processes and documentation, at the very beginning tilts your enterprise upwards and ensures smooth scaling up. SetMyCompany just helps you achieve that.

SetMyCompany’s experts understand your business needs, your vision, analyse various options and walk you through them, to help you make right choice.

Private Limited Company
One Person Company
Limited Liability Company
Partnership Firm
Setting up Organization Structure
Setting up of Internal Financial Structure


  • SMC experts carefully analyse your business needs, then cater to your needs with customised solution. Our extensive assessment procedure, ensures that you do not miss out on any important criteria.
  • Our experts help you extensively, including end to end documentation and obtaining all the necessary (post formation) licenses to get you started. We hold your hand till the end.
  • We do not believe in keeping you in dark, we make you aware of all the post registration compliances beforehand.

We are working on building a better tomorrow,
and loving every bit of it!